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You've battled your way through multiple pet dungeons, against a wide variety of foes, and you've been victorious. However, in the beginning of your journey you couldn't help but notice there was something not quite right with the enemy pets, as though they'd somehow been changed. Then, your suspicions were confirmed in Gnomeregan, as you encountered sinister figures cloaked in shadows. Now you've cornered them in Blackrock Depths, and you'll finally get to see what these fiendish villains have been plotting...and building.

Welcome to the new pet dungeon: Blackrock Depths! This is a 9-stage pet dungeon, and there doesn’t seem to be much walking inside this one. Rejoice!

That said, if you’d like to try your hand at this, you’ll need to find Radek Fuselock (Horde) or Tizzy Gearjolt (Alliance) to pick up the breadcrumb quest: Shadowy Showdown and your character needs to be at least level 50.

Once you’ve picked it up, you’ll need to head over to Blackrock Mountain.
It can be accessed from either Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes. Once inside, find the chain that connects downward toward the lava, and has two doorways.

Take the doorway without the elf, and cut left toward the Grinding Quarry. Once inside, your map changes, and you should be able to see the entrance to Blackrock Depths.

The NPC you’re meeting—Burt Macklyn—is just before the entrance to the BRD dungeon, and to the left. His text reads:

“My superior investigation techniques have followed these shadowy figures just inside. Another massive case solved, just days before I retire. Checkmate, bad guys.”

When you hand in Shadowy Showdown, he says; “These Shadowy Figures have been an annoyance for too long now. Get in there, and stop them.”

You then need to accept the quest: Shadows of Blackrock. Once you accept, head on in!

A successful run rewards you with a Shadowy Gem, used to purchase the following pets from Burt:

Klagender Peitscher
Experiment 13
Xu-Fu can scan this section for the most suitable strategies according to your preferences and show the required pets.
The Regular option will allow using pets multiple times.
Heroic mode will use each pet only once due to the restriction of no healing.

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Vansitter schrieb am 2020-03-14 01:18:44

Huhu, macht doch mal auf der Startseite eine Übersicht der benötigten Pets :)
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schrieb am 2020-07-31 21:48:59

Wenn du einen Account anlegst und den mit deinem Battle.Net-Account verknüpfst bekommst mit einen Klick auf einen der zwei Buttons am Ende der Seite eine Liste aller notwendigen Teams, die mit den Pets zusammengestellt werden, die du tatsächlich besitzt.
Da es mehrere Mögliche Kombinationen gibt, ist das der komfortabelste Weg, deine Teams zusammenzustellen.
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schrieb am 2020-10-31 01:13:59

kann ich nur bestätigen. Schön einfach und schnell